How to measure your curtains?

Would you like to have curtains made to measure and take the measurements yourself? Here are some steps to follow to properly measure your curtains.

A. Your rod is already installed.

1 ) Measure the width of your curtains

If you already have a rod installed, you can measure the width of the rod without the end caps. If you have a rail, you can measure the width of the rail in its entirety.

If you want curtains with returns for an optimal blackout effect and to prevent light from entering, you can measure the distance between the rod and the wall at the level of the two rod supports. For curtains with returns, we advise you to take rods with angled supports.

2 ) Measure the finished height of your curtains

The finished height of your curtains is the length of your curtains from the top of the curtains head to the bottom of the hem.

Always measure the height at three different points, in the middle of the window and on the sides of the window to check if the floor is straight. Depending on your measurements, choose the length that best suits you.

a) First, you need to decide if you want the rods to be exposed or hidden.

  • If you want an exposed rod , the height of the ring and its thickness should be deducted from the height of the top of the rod on the ground.
  • If you want a hidden rod , take the height between the top of the rod and the ground.

b) Then, you can decide to add 3.5 cm to give a breaking effect to the fall of the curtain if you do not want your curtain to be grazing.

B. Your rod is not yet installed.

We strongly advise you to have a rod already installed before taking the measurements, if this is not the case, here are the different steps to follow:

1) Before taking the measurements, you must already know what type of rod you want to install and in particular decide on the diameter of your rod.

2) Next, you need to decide on the position and height of your rod. We recommend installing your rod at 2/3 of the height between the top of your window and the cornice and/or your ceiling. Avoid as much as possible going below 8 cm if it is possible and if you have enough space between the fixed frame of your window and the cornice or your ceiling.

3) Once you know where the rod will be positioned, you can follow steps 1 and 2 described above in paragraph A. Your rod is already installed .