How to fix your headboard?

There are several mounting options for headboards:

  • with cleat. This method allows you to attach the headboard to the wall and is especially recommended for large headboards.
  • with headboard sliders to screw to the box spring of your bed. This method is based on a mechanism with a male part and a female part which fit together very simply. The females are to be fixed on the headboard and the males on the bed base.
  • to ask . This method does not provide any fixings and allows you to place the headboard between the wall and your bed.
  • How to fix your headboard to the wall?

1) Start by deciding the position of your bed and check before starting to drill your wall that there are no cables or pipes in your wall. Ask for advice if you are unsure.

2) Measure the height of your bed: the legs of your bed, the box spring and the mattress.

3) Adjust the height of your headboard according to the height of your bed. We recommend a height of about 75 cm above your bed so that you can lean against it comfortably.

4) Mark the location and height of your headboard at two or more points on the wall.

5 ) Horizontally align with the position of the bed your marks and mark the positions of the screws.

6) Drill and place the dowels in the wall at the screw locations. Then screw the cleat to the wall and hang the headboard.

Tip: Make sure the dowels fit snugly in the drilled holes. Use specialist plasterboard fasteners.

Tip: Once installed, you have the option of sliding the headboard a little from side to side for final adjustment and to ensure that it is aligned and centered on your wall.

  • How to attach your headboard to the box spring?

Simple and basic equipment will suffice to install your headboard to the uprights of the bed base using a fixing kit. What is this ? It is a set of metal fixing slides (or fixing hooks). You can easily find them in any DIY store. As the hardware is included in the pack, simply bring an electric screwdriver or a Phillips screwdriver.

One part of the slides is fixed on the headboard and the other on the bed base. The operation consists of fitting the 2 parts together by lifting.