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We offer different shapes of headboards according to your tastes and desires. You can opt for the shape of your choice covered with the fabric that you will also have chosen from a list of fabric editors that we have taken care to select for you.

Before choosing your headboard, there are a number of things to consider.

A. Things to know before choosing your headboard

A headboard is an essential accessory to dress up and make your bedroom warmer.

The dimensions of your headboard will largely depend on the size of your bed. Several things need to be looked at:

  • The width of your bed

There are 4 width bed sizes:

  • the single bed: 90 cm
  • the standard double bed: 140 cm
  • Queen size bed: 160cm
  • King size bed: 180cm
  • The height of your bed

The height of your bed is also an element to consider when determining the height of your headboard.

To calculate the height of your bed, you must add:

- the height of the feet of the bed,

- the height of your bed base

- the height of your mattress.

On average, the height of a bed is between 50 and 70 cm.

  • The elements placed on the wall of the headboard

Before choosing your headboard, it is also worth checking all the elements that are on the wall such as sockets, switches, niches and wall sconces.

B. The width of your headboard

You have several options:

  • you can choose a headboard width that exactly matches your bed width to fit your bed perfectly.
  • alternatively, you can opt for a headboard width larger than your bed. In this case we recommend that you take a headboard 20 cm larger than your bed and place it in the center so that you have an overhang of 10 cm on either side of your bed.

C. The height of your headboard

The height of your headboard depends on the style you want. Nevertheless, we recommend providing a headboard with a height between 60 and 75 cm above your mattress. We offer different headboard shapes and heights so you can choose the one that best suits your bed.