What is the difference between a rod and a rail?


Can't see the difference between the different curtain brackets? Not sure if you should choose between a rail or a curtain rod? Indeed, it is difficult to know what type of support to choose and why? Here are some explanations to help you choose the most suitable support for your window and your curtains.

the rod

The curtain rod is the most traditional support for curtains. It is made of wood or metal with customization options. The rods will allow you to choose different styles of curtains (curtains with eyelets, Flemish pleats etc...). Rods are also used for thicker and heavier fabrics. Rods also require the use of rings.

The rail or the railroad rod

The curtain rail, also called a railway rod, is a more discreet and less visible fixing support than the curtain rod. The rail is equipped with kinds of small staples called pebbles in which clip snail hooks which are small plastic hooks.

The rail is particularly suitable for high ceilings or very wide windows.

The rail is fixed to the wall or to the ceiling using supports in which the bar of the rail is "clipped", which can then be easily unhooked from the supports, in particular for the maintenance of the curtains.
The rail is suitable for curtains provided with a gathering braid at the back. This gathering braid has slots for inserting snail hooks (small plastic hooks which will remain invisible at the front), which are then to be positioned directly in the "rollers" of the rail, sort of small staples provided for this purpose.

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